When will the 2020 Econet Victoria Falls Marathon take place?

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Where does it start?

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What time does it start?

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Where does it finish?

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Where can I get an entry form?

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When do entries close?

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Are the entry fees refundable?

The entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Athletes submitting duplicate entries will be charged for both.

Does the Econet Victoria Falls accept late entries?


Entry Points:

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How will I know if my ONLINE entry form has been accepted?

An e-mail (if an email address is supplied) will be sent to you once your entry has been processed.  Please check your data carefully upon receipt of your entry confirmation.

Payment must be made for your entry to be accepted.


What will I need in order to register and collect my race numbers?

You will not be permitted to collect your race numbers without:

Proof of identity (Identity Document, Passport) and proof of payment if pre-registered.

*If you are collecting race numbers on behalf of someone else – we will still need your proof of identity, as well as the proof of identity of the  person that you are collecting for and proof of payment.

Can anyone enter the Victoria Falls Marathon?

The race is restricted to runners only.

How old must I be in order to enter the Victoria Falls Marathon?

The minimum age requirement is that an athlete must be 20 years of age on the day of the race, for the 42km, and 18 years for the 21km.

Fun Run participants have to be 10 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult.

Can I collect my race numbers on race day?

No race numbers will be issued on the day of the race.

Race number collection details

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Will I be allowed personal seconding?

No mobile seconding will be permitted. This rule will be strictly enforced with no mobile seconds of any description allowed on the route. Any transgressions will lead to disqualification. A runner may be handed sustenance by a seconder using the stand and hand rule. No other seconding is permitted. See Rules and Information.

May I wear ear-phones and listen to music during my run?

Due to the fact that some of the sections on the route may have limited traffic, running with ear-phones/music is NOT allowed on any of the races.  Also, because you’re running in a nature reserve, you need to be aware of nature and the animals, you are entering their natural environment.

Do you have water stations on route and what do they supply?

Yes, approximately every 4km – 5km there will be hydration points, supplying water and in some cases coke.

What prize money is on offer?

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May I wear advertising?

The race is run under the rules of the  IAAF, which stipulate that no personal sponsors’ logos may be worn by an athlete.

Sponsored teams have to stick to the regulated size of 1 x logo per apparel items.  The logo to be no bigger than 10cm x 10cm.

What must I do to earn a Gold medal?

Gold medals are awarded to the first 10 men and first 10 women to cross the finish line, in the 42km, 21km categories.

What time must I finish in to receive a Bronze medal?

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How long do I have to complete the race?

The final cut-off for all races is at 12h30.  Six hours for the full marathon

Race Timing

The race is timed by a disposable timing chip, provided on your race number.

It is imperative that you do not remove or tamper this chip, or your result may be jeopardised.

Must I qualify to enter the Victoria Falls Marathon?

No, it’s not necessary – but we do recommend proper training as the full marathon route is considered to be tough.

What must I do if I have any other questions?

Email the Victoria Falls Marathon: info@vicfallsmarathon.com