RACE RULES – We would like to appeal to our runners to please take the necessary precautions in terms of the socially distancing norms and to wear the approved PPE when participating in their respective event, irrespective of which country you live in.



We’re bringing the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon to you this year with REAL-TIME REMOTE RACING ™.

Thanks to the amazing new features of the SportSplits Tracker app, you can #RunVicFalls the virtual way from anywhere in the world.  This App is currently one of the most interactive available in the World, and is being used by thousands of fellow athletes worldwide.

The app allows for real race results – real time – across all distances, even the Fun Run!

We launched the Vic Falls Virtual marathon last week – but understandably a lot of folk have never entered a Virtual Race before so we would like to explain how it works

The idea is to enter on-line to run your preferred distance – but you will run it in your HOME COUNTRY instead of travelling to Victoria Falls this year.

You need a smart phone to be able to download the app. And an email address. It’s very easy and when you enter, the link will be provided via email to you.

Once you access the link you simply fill in your details (name / nationality /age) and claim your personalised race number and claim your profile ‘avatar’.  Your avatar is simply a graphic, that shows where you are on the interactive map.

We have planned our ‘virtual’ route along the ‘real route’.  So, at the same time as you are on your home course, the App will be running on the actual Vic Falls Marathon course, in real time, passing all the actual points you would pass if you were on the actual race – crossing the famous bridge in the spray of the falls, along the Zambezi River, past the Big Tree and into the National park.  You can switch between your ‘home’ map/route and see where you are on the Vic Falls route.  Its REAL-TIME live-tracking, and properly timed results will be published once you have completed your distance.

At certain points along the virtual route, your phone will alert you to places of interest, sights and sounds along the actual route, messages from our sponsors and some virtual surprises too – perhaps a wild animal….

You can run with your friends, or get your family to follow you real-time (for free) as you are out on the course.

The race will take place anytime on 13 DECEMBER 2020, between 00h00 Central Africa Time and 23h59 CAT.  This allows a 24-hour period for you to run your distance, wherever you are in the world.

The race is virtual – so it can take place wherever you choose!  You select your route and distance, and on this incredible Tracker App, you can follow the ‘original’ VFA Marathon route virtually, or switch screens and see where you really are running.

Entries will open on the 29th of September 2020 and we will accept entries until 12h00 on the 11th of December (CAT/Zimbabwean time).

Go to the Virtual Events page to select your preferred distance and register for the 2020 Virtual race.

You may move your entry to either the 2021 VFA Marathon (4 July 2021), or to 2022 (date to be finalised, but usually the first weekend of July).  If you are unable to attend either of these dates, you may transfer your entry to a friend.  Contact Top Events via email to advise them of your preference.

  • 7.5 km – The EcoSure Fun Run – which for the first time ever will be officially timed due to the use of the APP, meaning you will know your position and time.
  • 21.1 km – The Econet Half Marathon
  • 42.2 km – The Econet Full Marathon
  • 21 km Relay – The Steward Bank Team Relay, 10.5km each, in a team of 2 runners

Why not challenge yourself and do more than one race on the day!?  You may enter and run more than one race if you want to.

Anyone!  That’s the great thing about Virtual races… anybody can join in, from anywhere in the World!

Just please do take note of the IAAF Age restrictions and the Covid Social Distanced protocol suggestions.

Closing date is Friday 11 December 2020, at 12h00 (midday) CAT.

We encourage athletes to enter sooner than later, to enjoy the vibe around the event, have access to other goodies and join the Vic Falls Virtual Marathon Community!  We have lots of exciting things planned.

Sign up for our newsletter and updates – both for the Virtual event, and for our ‘real’ one in July 2021.

Please visit the Online Entry Page 

Yes.  This SportSplits Tracker App has the facility to pick up if you are NOT running or walking – so you cannot cycle, catch a lift, or use any other mode of transport if you want to get a result published.

The app allows for real race results – real time – across all distances, even the Fun Run!

  • The app will track your progress as if you were in Victoria Falls on the race route. When you get to certain points on the map, you’ll be able to check out photos of what would be around you at this point on your Victoria Falls running adventure.
  • You will be represented on the route by an avatar, and you can see yourself on a live map – either in the suburb/area you are ACTUALLY running, or ‘live’ on the VicFalls route.
  • You can even do a warm-up run on the route before the event
  • The app tracks each runner live! You’ll be able to see how far ahead of, or behind, the elite runners you are and you can also check how you’re stacking up against your friends and family members. Regular leader board live updates
  • Got people at home supporting you from the couch? Tell them to download the app FOR FREE and check out your progress while you #RunVicFalls the remote way.
  • Share your run live on all your social networks and show everyone how fast you are!
  • We don’t like cheats and neither does the SportSplits tracker app. The app has been designed to identify that people are actually running/walking so that the results show the truth.
  • Please note however, you have to have a smart phone and you have to run with it, in order for the app to work
  • No need to use any other fitness/running apps.

Our first-ever #vicfallsvirtualrace will be timed using the state-of-the-art SPORTSPLITS TRACKER app available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You do the running — SPORTSPLITS will use its groundbreaking technology to instantly track runners from all across the globe and let you know how you’re doing!

Please make sure you have sufficient data while using the APP as you will need to enable this for your live location tracking.

We recommend, if you can, to download the app via wifi (at home) – claim your profile / upload your personal info – and typically this will up to 60MB to download on an ‘Apple’ phone, and less 30MB on an ‘android’.

  • Using the app for practise/race day – depending on your distance of course – it should be in region of *150MB – probably less.

Tracking (running)

This is the only part of the app that requires internet/data access on a runners phone. The app uses less than 5MB typically for the tracking element as it is just sending small batches on raw position data to the app servers. There will be other data messages coming to your phone though, hence plan for 150MB.

The critical thing is your phone’s battery life.  Make sure you have ample battery for your ‘time on the road’, or carry a lightweight battery pack with you.

Different phones have different power saving abilities – check this out BEFORE race day and make sure it all works properly.

*Apple phones use more data than android phones for this particular application.

Smart Phone only at this stage.

The moving leader board of results will be available on the APP for 12 hours post the cut off of the run and the final results will be up on the official website page thereafter on

Yes, even the fun run is timed on this Virtual app

As we are offering a virtual event, it is unfortunately not possible to fully manage this – however we strongly recommend you follow the IAAF minimum age guidelines for racing as follows

42.2 km – 20 years and older

21.1 km – 18 years and older

7.5 km – suggest any under the age of 10 years be accompanied by an adult

Sorry, this App is very sophisticated and will pick up that you are not running – so your time will not be recorded.

No.  The App uses GPS Real Time Tracking and for this to work, you need to run outside and with enough space to allow this service to pick up your movement and route.  You can do a shorter loop a number of times to make up the distance though, but stationary running via a treadmill is not enabled.

Unfortunately not, as this is no longer taking place on the officially measured IAAF Route in Vic Falls, your own route will not be validated.

You can invite them to follow you VIA THE SPORTSPLITS APP, they need to search for your name and race number and follow – either on your ‘home’ course, or on the Virtual Vic Falls route – which we recommend, as there will be lots of interesting interaction along the route.

Anytime on 13 December, 2020 – between 00h00 and 23h59 Central African Time.

You may enter multiple distances as long as you undertake them between the hours above.

No cheating – if you don’t run/walk, your result will not published.

Run between the designated times – you have a 24-hour window to complete your distance.

Relay Race – comprises of 2 x 10.1km sections. You, and your running partner, will need to each run 10.1km.  Runner (A) will need to complete your distance, and ‘hand over’ to Runner (B) virtually who will then run part two of the race.  More details to follow.

Get your entries in early!

Between now and Friday 9 October – the virtual event entry will cost ZAR100 (approximately USD 6) per person.

From 10 October, the entry fee will be ZAR120 (approximately USD7).

This is for any of the four distances you may choose to participate in.

The the Virtual Relay, one entry form will need to be completed with BOTH person’s details and each participant will pay an entry fee – as above.

  1. Personalised Race Number.
    Once you’ve registered and claimed your profile via the APP, you will receive a personalised Race Number for you to print and wear
  2. On completion of your race, a Virtual Race certificate with your name/time.
  3. Digital Badge as your Official Finish Certificate

On completion of your race, you will receive an official Vic Falls Marathon Virtual Badge that you can share with pride, along with your Finish Certificate stating your race time.

There are official race shirts available for purchase.  Click here for purchasing details.

We are busy putting together a virtual goodie bag for those of you that will join us in Victoria Falls for the July 2021 event.

This will include discount vouchers to various restaurants, pubs, adrenaline rushing activities such as white water rafting, canoeing on the Zambezi and many other activities.

The first 1000 Zimbabwean* entrants, over ANY distance, will be contacted direct by Econet with regard to receiving a surprise pack of goodies.

Please wait for their call – and they will arrange with you a collection point.  This bag may include a race shirt, or a cap, a race medal and some other surprise items.

Econet will contact you directly by 11 December to let you know if you have been given a prize.

Winners are being called , asked about their nearest shop & then told to pick them there after 3-4 days to allow logistics

*Unfortunately non-Zimbabweans will not be eligible for this offer

Covid has been especially harsh on our charities in Victoria Falls that are normally totally reliant on tourism to support them.  We appeal to our participants to make a donation where possible to one of our official Charities:

If you’d like to support a Zimbabwean athlete who is unable to pay for their own Virtual entry fee, then you can ‘support a buddy’ and buy them an entry in either the Full or Half marathon. Click here to enter.

The National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe will allocate these entries to those talented runners that would like to participate and we will link you up with them post the event so that should you come to the 2021 race next year, you may even meet then and participate together.  These athletes will be amongst Zimbabwe’s upcoming talent – you may end up sponsoring a potential international event medalist!

Wherever you are in the world – challenge your fellow Zimbabweans on a virtual run!

Spread the word.

If you are living overseas, and have family in Zim, maybe surprise them with a gift of a virtual run against you.  Go to the 2020 online entry page and follow the directions.

You can enter with your Running Club and compete against other members, or even challenge someone living in a different town or country!

We would like to appeal to our runners to please take the necessary precautions in terms of the socially distancing norms and to wear the approved PPE when participating in their respective event, irrespective of which country you are in.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

ANSWER:  Once you have received your confirmation of payment via email ( you will automatically receive a SECOND email with a link to claim / complete your race profile, number and ‘avatar’.

This may take up to 24-hours – please be patient.  If, after 24 hours, you have not received this second email – you are welcome to contact

Please email  and she will assist you.

Please email  and she will assist you.

Firstly, you need to confirm you have ENTERED ON LINE first, then PAID.  You will receive your confirmation of entry.

Once you have received your confirmation of entry email, if the ‘second email’ link with the REGISTER YOUR PROFILE is not received, send the proof of entry to and we can attend to it.  Please allow 24-hours for this to come through.

These shirts are available to everyone, but the delivery cost to Zimbabwe is for your own account.  Go to the link to purchase a shirt.  Once paid for, will assist you with finalising your order.

For the first 1000 Zimbabweans that register, you will receive a medal in your surprise pack, if you are contacted direct by Econet as one of the lucky winners.

Other athletes, sorry – as it’s a virtual race we are not able to provide medals this year.

Yes, it will be sent to you, via the app, about a week before race day – so you may print it out to wear!

The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon is a member of AIMS. Please click here to see the Membership Certificate.

Please click here to see the permission letter to host the 2020 virtual marathon