2021 Charities & Donation


The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon invites you to make your run more meaningful by fundraising for charity!

Covid has been especially harsh on our charities in Victoria Falls that are normally totally reliant on tourism to support them.  We appeal to our participants to make a donation where possible to one of our official Charities when registering, you can make a direct payment towards one of these charities while at the same time paying for your entry:

  1. The Greenline Africa Trust – Greenline Africa is an active locally based Trust that works with local communities in and around Victoria Falls.  This year we are focusing on WATER for COMMUNITIES.  Water, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, your life depends on WATER.   Help us to help Communities in need.  Every drop counts.
  2. The Vic Falls Anti-Poaching Unit – The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our local wildlife and natural resources.
  3. Clever Kapandura Family Trust – In a terrible tragic incident, Clever Kapandura of the Victoria Fals Anti-Poaching Unit was killed by an elephant on the outskirts of town. Clever was following up on a possible poaching lead when the elephant, totally unprovoked and from a distance of over 100 yards, charged. The team with him split and unfortunately the elephant  caught and killed Clever. The elephant was later tracked down and shot, and had no apparent injuries or ailments. Clever had devoted his life to wildlife conservation, and he joins the esteemed ranks of dedicated rangers fallen in the line of duty. It was our honour to have worked with him, and he will be sorely missed by all in Victoria Falls. We salute you!
  4. Mummy’s AnglesMummy’s Angels Zimbabwe is a registered Trust based in Victoria Falls, created to provide assistance for expectant mothers who have nothing to welcome their little one’s into the world. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, this little organisation based in Victoria Falls, and made up of a small handful of passionate volunteers, has continued to move mountains for mothers with newborns in need.

Greenline Africa  Vic Falls Anti Poaching Unit