Donations 2020

The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon invites you to make your run more meaningful by fundraising for charity! You can help support various projects including Water for Elephants, the Victoria Falls Clean up and Recycling projects. So make a difference today by creating your own fundraising project.

If you wish to donate to charity on GivenGain please do so here:

Please visit our Victoria Falls Marathon page on GivenGain to create your own fundraiser project and make a difference!

Mummy’s Angels

Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe helps mothers and babies in need by distributing secondhand donations. We distribute people’s excess baby things by donating hampers to help a select mothers in need at Victoria Falls Hospital and others who have nothing at all. The hospitals let us know when they receive mothers in need and we oversee all deliveries ensuring the items get to the person they are intended for.


  •  Aqueous cream, bum cream, soap, baby wipes etc
  • Any excess nappies left over or any cloth nappies/safety pins or plastic ‘snappies’.
  • Baby clothes of any age
  • Baby blankets
  • Baby bags
  • Face clothes and towels
  • Maternity pads
  • Older children’s items and clothing- the pediatric ward also call us from time to time and we will be making follow up donations to the most needy.
  • This is not an exact list- a pair of old slippers can be a wonderful luxury for a new mom and a gently used toy can bring much joy.

If you have any of these items or would be willing to add them to your shopping cart that would be amazing! This is not a charity so no money can be accepted. Monetary donations can be used to buy goods and we can assist with this or guide you as to what is needed the most. Over time we have also begun assisting with procuring drugs and goods that cannot currently be sourced in Zimbabwe. Examples include vitamin D drops and folic acid for premature babies, antibiotics for those with an infection post-cesarean and formula for those who cannot feed or in the instances that a mother passes away.

There will be a collection basket at Race Number collection for you to drop off your donation.

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Water for Elephants

Zimbabwe has experienced one of the worst droughts in years and sadly, the effect on Zimbabwe’s wildlife is going to be significant.

With this year’s Econet Victoria Falls Marathon just around the corner, Greenline Africa is running a fund raising campaign “water for Elephants” to raise much needed funds for the installation of a solar powered water pump. Those running in this years marathon can opt in to help raise money for the much needed solar powered water pump.

Greenline Africa is working closely with the Presidential Elephant research trust (PERT) in Hwange, where the solar pump will be installed. The project cost is USD $6500.00 and this water pump will  provide water for the Elephants and wildlife of the Hwange area.

Elephants are reliant upon water, needing as much as 200 Liters of water in a day. Elephants can go as long as 4 days without water, meaning they can travel in search of food if they know they have a reliable water source to return to. Often Elephants begin to perish of starvation in periods of drought. They are forced in to a predicament, they can either stay close to water sources or travel long distances in search of food. Often the search for more food can be fruitless and they die of starvation and dehydration.

Whether you are running in the marathon or standing on the sidelines cheering someone on, donate today to help Greenline Africa and PERT to raise the much needed funds to help install the solar water pump in Hwange.

To donate go to:

Charities 2019

We are pleased to announce our support of the following 3 Charities for the 2019 event and encourage our runners to get involved and RUN 4 A CAUSE and raise funding for one or all of these initiatives:

  1. Greenline Africa – Greenline Africa is a locally based Trust that works with local communities and the beehives are made by community Women. The number of hives was increased last year along the Zambezi National Park bordering the Mkhosana High Density community. A community group was trained to run and monitor the project last year and it was our hope that the bee fence will not only keep out the elephant from the town but would also provide honey for the community.
  2. The Vic Falls Anti-Poaching Unit – The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our local wildlife and natural resources.
  3. The Vic Falls Environment Watch – VFEW is a trust of people concerned about Victoria Falls and its surrounds, and as such, seeks to situate itself as a stakeholder/public interest body that shall be consulted for the conservation, protection and development of this area.  VFEW aims to work closely with the Environmental Management Authority, National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, Victoria Falls Town Council, the private sector, and other stakeholders in achieving the betterment of the area.

Should anyone want to donate directly to these initiatives they can do so when they come to collect their race numbers at the Kingdom Hotel.