Our previous success and charity involvements .

Greenline Africa Trust

In 2018 Greenline Africa Trust facilitated both projects, along with the support of the local Youth involved in the initiative, who carried out the Clean up prior, during and after the marathon for the recycling project. They took all the plastic to the Victoria Falls Recycling Project which was a project that Greenline Africa were overseeing and which was used to empower youth and women to run with, the current support of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and some of the other hotels and lodges. This was a pilot project at the moment which they hope to explore and expand on further.

Following on from the Marathon’s support of the ELE Fence in 2017, 2018 saw a renewed support around this project with the introduction and expansion of it, with the inclusion of the ELE Bee Fence.

The Victoria Falls Marathon for 2018 supported the ELE Bee Fence, a project that supports conservation and communities in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is a unique town as it is situated within a National Park where animals roam freely. The human wildlife conflict is an issue that is constantly being dealt with and the donation from the 2018 Victoria Falls Marathon supported the ELE Bee Fence project as well as other mitigation measures to prevent elephant entering the town. The bee hive fence was first tried and tested in Kenya by Lucy King, in three local communities bordering National parks and they recorded an 80% success rate.

In 2017 the marathon supported the ELE fence, an electric fence that was erected around the dumpsite to prevent elephant eating the plastic. We lost many elephants who had digested plastic and died from it and we are proud to say that no elephants have been lost since the ELE fence was erected. Funds are needed on a monthly basis to maintain the ELE fence and the Victoria Falls Marathon continued to support this and increase the support to the ELE Bee Fence in 2018.

Greenline Africa is a locally based Trust that works with local communities and the beehives are made by community Women. The number of hives was increased along the Zambezi National Park bordering the Mkhosana High Density community. A community group was trained to run and monitor the project and it was our hope that the bee fence will not only keep out the elephant from the town but would also provide honey for the community. The project was also linked to the Elephant research project where several elephant have been collared so that their movements can be tracked and it was interesting to see the impact of the ELE Bee Fence and what impact this has on the movement of the elephant within the High Density area.

The Victoria Falls Marathon is a unique experience where runners not only see the Victoria Falls from the bridge but also run through the National Park where wild animals roam.