How far you are REALLY running at the Vic Falls Marathon?

How far are you really running at the vic falls marathon?

There would be nothing more heartbreaking than finishing your first marathon and finding out that it wasn’t quite 42.195km. That’s why both the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon and Econet Half Marathon are AIMS and World Athletics Certified.

Both our distances (half and full marathon) are professionally measured and timed to ensure your time is completely accurate and fair. We strive to give all levels of runner the peace of mind that their race is completely accurate and can be used in any official capacity.

Races that are not AIMS/World Athletics Certified cannot be used as official qualifiers for Ultra Marathons or for professional athletes and we are proud to be able to provide accuracy to runners of all levels.

If you have any questions on the authenticity of our race, please look at the attached measurement certificates and send us an email on if you need any further information.


  • The EcoSure Fun Run (which will not be timed) – Approximately 7.5 km
  • The Econet Half Marathon – 21.0975 km
  • The Econet Full Marathon – 42.195 km
  • The Steward Bank Team Relay (10.5km each, in a team of 2 runners) – 21. 0975 km

We have also listed additional FAQ’s on the FAQ page.