Greenline Africa Trust Gives Thanks!

On behalf of all of us at Greenline Africa, we would like to say a huge thank you to the Victoria Falls Marathon for your support in 2023.

The donation we received this year is greatly appreciated and we would like to update you where we have focused the support.

  1. We have established a community Tree nursery in the rural area which is run by the local community. At the Tree nursery we have arranged to run children’s activities there on a Saturday morning. We show the children how to grow trees and they actively participate in the full process and then take home the planted seed and care for it. They also do clean ups in and around their areas.
  1. Trees for Homesteads. The aim is to plant trees at homesteads – for food, for shelter, for fencing, for health. To date over 2000 trees have been planted with trees being supplied by the Community Tree nursery.

The overall aim for this project with the support from Victoria Falls Marathon is for 2200 trees to be planted.

Greenline Africa are happy that we were the first organisation to assist the marathon with cleanups before, during and after the event and have been doing this for many years now.  We look forward to the 2024 marathon.

Thanks to all at the Victoria Falls Marathon for all your support.

Charlene and the Team at Greenline Africa