Hi All

We have reviewed all the data and video and can confirm the following:

1 . Timing Chip

The timing chip was seen at the following locations and times:

Once processed, these raw times produced the following splits:

This confirms that the chip started the race at the correct time and completed the whole course.

  1. Manual backup

Attached is a scan of the manual backup sheet from our team on the finish line. It is circled where 3059 crossed the line and you will see that this athlete is not marked with an F. Female athletes are normally marked with an F as they cross the finish.

  1. Video

We have video and have screen shots of each athlete that crossed the finish line. These all correspond to the timing chip data. There are no athletes in the video sequence who do not have race times. Only 1 athlete crossed the line at the time when timing chip 3059 crossed the line and that is the male athlete in a screenshot attached. Also attached is an image highlighting the race number which he was holding in his hand instead of wearing it on his vest.

The female athlete that came to query this result and claiming to be the rightful winner appears nowhere in the section of video reviewed. She had long hair and was wearing the purple Kwese event running vest. We all remarked how fresh she looked. She certainly did not look like she had run at all.

Considering the above, we stand by our decision to remove this competitor from the female results of the 21km event.