2024 Prize Money Breakdown.

To be updated

2024 Prize Money Breakdown.

To be updated.

Any ‘elite’ athletes should advise their Federation and liaise with NAAZ (National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe) as to any requirements to compete / be eligible for prize money.  It is the athlete’s duty to ensure this is done correctly and timeously.

2023 Econet Marathon and Half Marathon Prize Money

Place – Male and Female (2023)Full Marathon [42km] (2023)Half Marathon [21km] (2023)
1st$1250 each [Total $2500]$500 each [Total $1000]
2nd$1000 each [Total $2000]$400 each [Total $800]
3rd$850 each [Total $1700]$300 each [Total $600]
4th$700 each [Total $1400]$250 each [Total $500]
5th$450 each [Total $900]$225 each [Total $450]
6th$300 each [Total $600]$200 each [Total $400]
7th$250 each [Total $500]$150 each [Total $300]
8th$200 each [Total $400]$100 each [Total $200]
9th$150 each [Total $300]$75 each [Total $150]
10th$100 each [Total $200]$50 each [Total $100]

2023 Specially-Abled Prize Money – Wheelchair / Tricycle and Hand-cycle 18km ONLY:

Male and Female (2023)

Hand cycle – half marathon only (2023)

Wheelchair / Tricycle – half marathon (2023)
1st$450 each [Total $900]$450 each [Total $900]
2nd$300 each [Total $600]$300 each [Total $600]

2023 Steward Bank Team Half Marathon Relay Prizes

Trophies and branded goodie bags for the winners of each category!

  • Fastest male team
  • Fastest female team
  • Fastest mixed team