Yes, this has been moved to mid December (13 December 2020), due to the Covid pandemic and current restrictions surrounding travel and large gatherings of people.

Yes, all race entries that have been confirmed and paid will automatically be moved to 13 December 2020.

Please advise us in writing, and we will move you to the 2021 event, at no additional cost.  (Send your request with your full name, and confirmation reference number on email to :

Unfortunately race entries are non-refundable, so if you are unable to attend either event, you will not be refunded.  However, you may transfer it to another runner.  Apply in writing.  Deadline for this is one month prior to event date.  Email:

There is still space available in all three distances (42, 21 and fun run) new entries open on line 18 May.

The date of the 2021 event is PROVISIONALLY Sunday 4 July 2021, and will be confirmed by end of June 2020.

Due to the temperatures in December, the event will start earlier in the morning, and STRICT CUT OFF TIMES will be applied for the Full Marathon participants. Participants who do not make the cut will be asked to leave the course at around the 18km mark.  Should you not be at this point by a specified time, you will not be allowed to finish/complete Lap 2 of the Full Marathon.

Full details will be published in due course, but you should aim to be able to complete a full marathon comfortably within 6 hours.


For those who are travelling to Zimbabwe to attend the event please read below.

If you have booked your travel arrangements with Wild Frontiers, please contact your travel consultant directly to discuss moving your booking.

We have secured rooms at hotels for the amended dates, and will discuss options available to you.

If you are unable to travel in December 2020, please discuss directly with your Wild Frontiers consultant your options.  We strongly suggest you contact your Travel Insurance company accordingly.

We suggest you contact your ticketing agent or airline direct as soon as possible, and if applicable your travel insurance company to find out how to change your flights and any applicable costs.

Accommodation and services in Vic Falls

If you have booked with a Tour Operator, or direct with the hotel, contact them directly and they will be able to advise of amendment policies and any costs.

Please cancel your trips asap with whomever you have booked with.  You may be charged a cancellation fee (check if you can claim off your travel insurance

If you have booked with Wild Frontiers, let us know soonest your intentions.  The 2021 date is provisionally 4 July 2021.  Confirmation will be announced in July this year.

Each case will be reviewed  according to different hotel/supplier policies.
If you have booked services direct, we suggest you discuss with them as soon as possible.


05 July 2020

2020 details to follow

2020 details to follow

2020 details to follow

2020 details to follow

2020 details to follow

The entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Athletes submitting duplicate entries will be charged for both.


2020 details to follow

An e-mail (if an email address is supplied) will be sent to you once your entry has been processed.  Please check your data carefully upon receipt of your entry confirmation.

Payment must be made for your entry to be accepted.


You will not be permitted to collect your race numbers without:

Proof of identity (Identity Document, Passport) and proof of payment if pre-registered.

*If you are collecting race numbers on behalf of someone else – we will still need your proof of identity, as well as the proof of identity of the  person that you are collecting for and proof of payment.

The race is restricted to runners only.

The minimum age requirement is that an athlete must be 20 years of age on the day of the race, for the 42km, and 18 years for the 21km.

Fun Run participants have to be 10 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult.

No race numbers will be issued on the day of the race.

2020 details to follow

No mobile seconding will be permitted. This rule will be strictly enforced with no mobile seconds of any description allowed on the route. Any transgressions will lead to disqualification. A runner may be handed sustenance by a seconder using the stand and hand rule. No other seconding is permitted. See Rules and Information.

Due to the fact that some of the sections on the route may have limited traffic, running with ear-phones/music is NOT allowed on any of the races.  Also, because you’re running in a nature reserve, you need to be aware of nature and the animals, you are entering their natural environment.

Yes, approximately every 4km – 5km there will be hydration points, supplying water and in some cases coke.

2020 details to follow

The race is run under the rules of the  IAAF, which stipulate that no personal sponsors’ logos may be worn by an athlete.

Sponsored teams have to stick to the regulated size of 1 x logo per apparel items.  The logo to be no bigger than 10cm x 10cm.

Gold medals are awarded to the first 10 men and first 10 women to cross the finish line, in the 42km, 21km categories.

2020 details to follow

The final cut-off for all races is at 12h30.  Six hours for the full marathon

The race is timed by a disposable timing chip, provided on your race number.

It is imperative that you do not remove or tamper this chip, or your result may be jeopardised.

No, it’s not necessary – but we do recommend proper training as the full marathon route is considered to be tough.

Email the Victoria Falls Marathon: