Entry Conditions and Rules.

No late entries will be accepted.

Do not swap race numbers with a friend – or your time will be recorded incorrectly.

Prize winners will be verified by Zimbabwe National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe, prior to results being confirmed, and prize monies being made available.  We reserve the right to conduct random ‘dope tests’ on athletes.  Prize money may be subject to taxation according to Zimbabwean law.

Once winners of the events have been verified, prize money will be released.  This may take up to two weeks.

If ‘dope testing’ is conducted, those results can take up to six weeks.

MARATHON (42.195 KM)

The competition is open to persons 20 years and over.

All finishers who complete the race within the cut-off time (12h30) will be awarded medals.


The competition is open to persons of 18 years and over.

All finishers who complete the race within the cut-off time (12h30) will be awarded medals.

Specially Abled (approximately 18km to be confirmed) – Open to wheelchairs/handcycles/tricycles

The competition is open to persons of 18 years and over.

All finishers who complete the race within the cut-off time (12h30) will be awarded medals.

Half Marathon Relay (10.5k x 2 persons)

Please read below carefully

The competition is open to persons of 15 years and over.

All finishers to complete the race within the cut-off time (12h30) will be awarded medals.

A baton will be provided to hand-over from first athlete to second athlete mid way.

Transport to the ‘change over point’ will be provided by the race organisers for athlete #2.

Athlete #1 once completed his/her 10.5km will need to make own arrangements to go to the finish.

The change-over point will be advised at Number Collection.

  • You will be required to bring your Zimbabwean ID/ or passport and proof of residency if SADC, proof of payment / entry to the Steward Bank Collection Desk
  • If you are collecting for a third party – above will be required for each athlete, together with their permission for you to collect on their behalf.
  • You will receive a baton along with your race numbers. DO NOT LOOSE THIS BATON as it houses your chip that will record your time.
  • The first [Starting Runner] is to keep this baton with them as they will start the Half Marathon and need to carry it and hand it over to the second runner at the transition point. Without this – you have no time.
  • Please make sure you decide in advance who is running the first 10.5km [ie from the START to the change point] and who is running the second/last section to the finish.

Race Day

  • All 2nd Runners, you will be advised at Number Collection where to meet the bus and what time (to transfer you to the change-over point)
  • Please ensure you have your Steward Bank Race Number on to allow you access onto the buses.
  • You have to be gone before the marathon runners start and block the route.
  • The Transition point you will see Steward Bank Branding and a big tent.
  • For these runners who are delivered early via the transfers, bathrooms and refreshments will be available there while you wait for your team mates to arrive
  • Please keep off the road at the transition point as the full marathon runners will come flying past way before your team mates come through. Expect your runners to arrive round 07h45 at the earliest.
  • Please note, the 2nd Runners, who will do the 2nd half into the Finish area, will receive 2 Medals [one for each team member] as they cross the line. Please make sure you give your team mate their well deserved Medal ☺
  • All Starting [1st Runners], you start with the rest of the Half Marathon Runners at 07h00 and cross the bridge and follow the route till the changeover point at the Steward Bank tent area, there you will hand over your baton to your team member who will run the rest of the route to the finish.
  • Buses will transport all first runners at regular intervals from the Transition point to the finish grounds once they have completed their respective distance.
  • There will be a toilet and refreshments available at your transition point.

Please note there will be prize giving at the Finish Area for the following categories, you have to be at the finish to get your prize:

  • First Winning Female Team
  • First Winning Male Team
  • First Mixed Team


The competition is open to persons of 10 years and over, or any age if accompanied by an adult.  This race is not timed.  There are no prizes or medals available.


Please note that this event is being run in a wildlife area / National Park, and whilst Game Scouts are positioned along the route, each athlete taking part must be aware of the dangers of running in such an area.

*   Please do not use run with ear-plugs/music – this is for your own safety as there is wildlife and traffic on the route.

*   Please note that only the section running over the Vic Falls bridge is closed to traffic.  The rest of the route may have cars, and wildlife, so please be aware of this when you enter.

    • All traffic and race officials must be obeyed.
    • The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry.
    • The entry fee is non-refundable
    • No advertising or branding on athletes will be allowed, other than the official race bib, and athletes may run in their official club colours.
    • Race Numbers are not transferable
    • Obey the race marshalls at all times.
    • Race Officials are the final arbiters of any dispute.
    • No mobile seconding or driving alongside runners will be allowed, and you will be disqualified
    • Water points providing water will be provided at regular intervals on the route.
    • Run on the right hand side of the road (facing the traffic) unless directed otherwise by race marshals.
    • Display your race number on the front of your vest throughout the race.
    • Please put all litter in the bins provided at water points / in the finish area / or leave on the road where it can be easily seen – please DO NOT THROW into the bush / off the road where we can’t easily find it.